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Integration Services

Lenovo`s Factory Services allows customers to leverage the scope and scale of Lenovo`s manufacturing capabilities to tailor their systems to their unique specifications including, applying asset tags, loading and creating a custom image, creating and including customized documents in the shipping box, encrypting drives and BIOS customization.


Making our factory line, your factory line saves time on a low value add. Performing this function at time of manufacturing (first stage) saves significant time and expense compared to applying customizations at a staging facility or in-house. Factory integration improves consistency and reduces time required to deploy new systems.


 Key Features

- Imaging Services – standard image load, image validation, image migration and image creation

- Encryption – factory-enabled security for antitheft and hard drive passwords

- Drop-In-Box – inserting custom documentation into each box we ship

- Custom BIOS & Intel vPro – configuration of BIOS settings like passwords, disabling input-output devices, defining boot devices, vPro provisioning AMT data in the firmware setting

- Laser Etching – laser technology vaporizes the surface finish exposing the substrate below to create a black and white image, can be used to Etch a company logo on the back of the laptops.

- Asset Tagging – physical, unique customized labeling of PC devices, designed to meet specific organization inventory management requirements

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