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Our customized

firewall solutions will fully deploy network-level protection

and application layer 7 threats within your data center, your

mobile workforce and cloud.

Security Managed Services

Network Security Architecture

Keep your traffic encrypted and your users identified and

authenticated with Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). Our customized VPN solutions will fully

deploy end-user SSL, IPSec, Full Mesh VPN and high-performance data center-

to-data center solutions.

You can prevent deep packet attacks by implementing Intrusion

Prevention Systems (IPS). Protect against targeted attacks, sophisticated

malware and application and OS vulnerabilities.

ABS will provide a high-level review of your oval network security

architecture posture and best practices. we review your current

security architectures and assess them against your policies, compliance needs

and core security practices


Protecting your parameters with firewalls, IPS and VPN systems

is a crucial part of compliance. Our experts will work with you

and assist in building these configuration requirements to

meet your security policy and ensure your overall compliance


Service Level Agreement ( SLA )

Up to 100% uptime

*Depends on the deployment architecture. No less than 99.9% SLA, up to 100% for qualifying architectures.

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