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A one-year base battery warranty is the standard norm regardless of the system`s warranty. This offering provides an option of extending the sealed battery warranty for additional year or two (depending on the product).


 Key Features

- Sealed Battery Warranty Extension from 1 to 3 years for Think notebooks and from 1 to 2 years for Think tablets, including one-time replacement by a Lenovo™ certified technician in case a covered battery fails to meet the minimum performance standard

- Can be bundled with a 3-year warranty extension or Onsite upgrade for ThinkPad notebooks and a 2-year warranty extension for ThinkPad tablets

- Option of additional Accidental Damage Protection and Keep Your Drive for total peace of mind



- Fast battery replacement provided by a qualified technician, which is otherwise not covered by a limited 1-year warranty

- Sealed Battery Warranty is offered at a low upfront cost, approximately one-seventh that of a sealed battery replacement not covered by an extension policy

- An Onsite servicing option that offers maximum system availability in case a battery replacement is required (available on ThinkPad notebooks only)

- Reduced hassle associated with budgeting for unplanned expenses and system unavailability

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