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Integration Services

Lenovo`s Factory Services allows customers to leverage the scope and scale of Lenovo`s manufacturing capabilities to tailor their systems to their unique specifications including, applying asset tags, loading and creating a custom image, creating and including customized documents in the shipping box, encrypting drives and BIOS customization.

Deployment Automation Services

 Gives the ability to automate manual deployment tasks required to configure a PC for an end user, automation examples can include Domain authentication/joining, user data migration during deployment, computer renaming etc. This can greatly reduce deployment times and costs.

The capabilities we offer work together to significantly improve deployment time and IT standardization, while reducing technician touch time and solution complexity.

Managed Services

When considering the resources required to rollout servers, desktops, networking. Mobile, and printing devices, large-scale deployments can be extremely complex and costly for many organizations. Our Managed Services combine comprehensive project management with exceptional technical execution to address the unique needs of your customer.

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