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  Online Data Backup  

 Enterprise Edition (OLDB EE) is a Lenovo™-branded, easy-to-use, automatic online backup and recovery software solution powered by Mozy, a VMware company. It safeguards business data from accidents, operating system and application errors, hard drive failures and other unexpected risks with a secure, online solution for data protection.


The service is available for all Think, Idea, Lenovo™ and even non-Lenovo branded hardware.


 Key Features

- World-class security for peace of mind - data is encrypted using 256-bit AES military grade encryption for private encryption key and data storage. It is then transmitted to secure data centers using 128-bit SSL encryption, which is the same used for online banking.

- Command and Control - the multi-tenant web-based administrative console provides easy account management, allowing your customer to either select pre-configured backup and recovery settings or customizes them. No additional hardware is required.

- Capacity and Bandwidth Optimization for Enterprise Class Performance - data de-duplication for a convenient work with document versions and Backup Bandwidth Control for subsequent backups with little or no system impact.

 Key Benefits

 Data security

-  256-bit AES for private encryption key for data storage and 128-bit SSL encryption for data transport to data centers with SAS 70 Type I or Type II certifications



- Near Continuous Data Protection – Lenovo™ Online Backup automatically detects and backs up new and changed files every two hours

-  Block level incremental backups – Saves bandwidth and ensures that future backups are lightning fast

-  Bandwidth throttling – Lenovo™ Online Backup can use more or less of your customer's upload bandwidth so other higher priority services can run unimpeded

 Ease of Use

-  Version (snapshot) support – Users have the option of restoring from multiple file versions up to 30 days in the past

-  Network Drive support – The ability to back up networked or mapped drives.

-  Open/locked file support – No need to close files in order to back them up. Lenovo™ Online Backup backs up all open and locked files, including Outlook PST files

-  Easy-to-use interface – Designed with the ‘non-tech-savvy' user in mind. It's as simple as selecting the files to back up, scheduling the times and letting Lenovo™ Online Backup do the rest

-  Pre-built backup sets – For the most common file types. Advanced users may edit existing backup sets or create their own . 

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