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  Warranty Services provide sensible and flexible options to help customers reduce PC maintenance expenses while maintaining end user up-time.

"We offer a wide range of warranty options for our Think, Idea and Lenovo™ branded systems, dependent on the machine type and base warranty. These options can be selected at the time of purchase or within the term of initial base warranty coverage."


 Key Features

  •  Warranty Extensions are available for periods up to five years for the most Think branded products and up to three years for Lenovo™ and Idea branded products, giving customers a fixed-term, fixed-cost service solution, that enables you to accurately budget for equipment expenses.

  •  Warranty Upgrades allow customers to vary the response time and level of service of their initial base warranty.

  •  Expedited Depot enhances Lenovo`s standard 7-10 business day depot service with a guaranteed faster depot repair.



-  Cost-effective repairs and downtimes that can occur after the base warranty of systems expire.

-  A well-managed PC life cycle and consistent tech support that fits individual business needs.

-  Reducing operating and maintenance expenses.

-  Shorter downtime and high-quality after-sales technical support enabling customers to maximize hardware availability and productivity.

Warranty Upgrades allow you to vary response time and level of service to match your critical support need, Depending on country and the initial base warranty of the system; service plans are available with the following service levels:


-  Carry-in or Mail-in Service:  Parts and labor repair coverage where the customer is responsible for shipping (including packaging) or delivery to authorized warranty provider or repair center.

-  Depot or Courier Service: Parts and labor repair coverage where shipping or delivery to and from the repair center is paid for by Lenovo.

-  Expedited Depot: Parts and labor coverage with expedited turnaround three business days.  

-  Onsite Service: Parts and labor repair coverage where labor is provided onsite at your place.


If product problem is covered by the product warranty and cannot be resolved over the telephone, a technician will be dispatched to arrive on-site, typically the next day.


Basic system warranty coverage requires customer replacement of many PC parts and components (CRUs - Customer Replaceable Unit Parts). Onsite + Technician Installation of CRUs lets you avoid the time and hassle associated with internal CRU part replacement and have the convenience of onsite installation by a qualified technician.

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