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Deployment Automation gives the ability to automate manual deployment tasks required to configure a PC for an end user, automation examples can include Domain authentication/joining, user data migration during deployment, computer renaming etc. This can greatly reduce deployment times and costs.

The capabilities we offer work together to significantly improve deployment time and IT standardization, while reducing technician touch time and solution complexity.


 Key Features

Smart Image – combines Lenovo™ hardware and customer`s or Lenovo™ created image into a single dynamic solution

- Advanced Deployment Services – customizable installation wizard that intuitively automates the PC deployment process from within the image

- First Boot Services – first boot done on the manufacturing line



-  Smart Image - eliminates the need to manage multiple images and ensures compatibility across multiple hardware platforms

- Advanced Deployment Services - per system basis customization improves productivity and employee satisfaction

- First Boot Services – done on the manufacturing line saves time, resources and cost.

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